Sunday, May 27, 2012

IT'S COMING! Are you ready?

Is anyone else terrified for summer? I should be more specific. I am not terrified of summer. I am terrified of school being done and boys 1 and 2 being home full-time. I will actually have to do my job and keep 2 crazy boys occupied with good wholesome activities that will enrich their minds and strengthen their bodies (and keep them from maiming each other and controlling what the neighbors hear over the fence). Seriously - just today they...oh, never mind. It's too embarrassing to write it. Let's just leave it at they did not get along. And they were loud about it. 

Boy 2 "graduated" from pre-school on Friday. 

Yes, a kinder-gardener is in the hay-youse! After attending his orientation for kindergarten at the school last week, he was very confused about when he gets to start. September seems very far away (for both of us). 

Boy 1 finishes the second grade on June 11th. Sniff, sniff. 

Please don't get me wrong. I love my boys and I love spending time with them. But for some reason, this summer seems especially daunting. I feel so inferior when I hear other moms say how excited they are for summer-time and having their kids home. It may come down to my not being a planner and summer-time means a lot of planning. Healthy meals, fun activities, play dates, continuing learning, swim and other sport lessons. School doesn't leave a lot of time for all that stuff.

I want them to have great memories and love summer the way I did. But I do want to do it in a way that will not be too stressful for me. You all know how I handle stress. Times are different. I don't feel like I can just set them loose on the neighborhood. I know kids can be a bit oblivious, but I don't remember my mom planning my activities much. 

When I was a kid, summer was a time of family reunions, rodeos and parades in my grandparents' small town in Idaho -  and loving the open space that was their farm. At my home, I took tennis lessons sponsored by the city (remember that gorgeous coach named Steve?), rode my bike all over, and played kick-the-can with the neighborhood kids, but mostly spent time with my bff, Pam. I was lucky enough to live right next to her and we were friends from the time we were babies. We were an enterprising duo. We were actors putting on variety shows, journalists digging for interesting articles for our neighborhood newspaper, and crime fighters doing our best to rid the hood of the Playboy magazines that the older boys would hide.

So I'm trying to think of ways that I can re-create that feeling of summer (without the Playboys) in a way that won't have me running around like a headless chicken(it really does happen - I've seen it!), and  still be able to get the business of running a family that needs to be done. My friend, Shiara, has started this non-profit website called, that will help. I signed up for their free Weekly Activity Guide that gives ideas for activities along with a checklist for all supplies you may need. I've also seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest. I'm just going to have to plan well. Eventually, I'll be so organized none of my friends will know me. Of course, the boys will be grown by then. SIGH. 

At least I know where we'll be at 9am each morning. 
Y M C A! 
(I know you just totally did the arm letters in your head)

I've got my appointment with the orthopedist on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's Foreign To You?

I think I may have eaten my twin. Now, stop your eye rolling and just listen  read for a minute. I've heard of these things happening. In fact, there's a pretty good Stephen King book, called The Dark Half about that very thing. I think that I wanted a little snack in-utero, and chomp! There went my sister. My control issues started early, they did! The reason I say that is that I had an X-Ray of my foot taken a couple of weeks ago and I got a call from my doctor referring me to an orthopedist because there is a foreign body in my foot.   A.   Foreign.   Body.   In my foot.

Now, how does something foreign get into my foot? It must be a tooth or maybe a tiny ear drum, or maybe even a toe (wouldn't that be ironic?). A friend of mine suggested it could be a bug, but I don't even want to think about that, so I can't wait for my appointment on the 30th. Although, with as much thought as I've been putting into this, I may end up being a little disappointed. My mother always tells me I make things too complicated. She may have a point every once and a while.

So my foot pain may not be just because of my weight. Something that I can blame on something else. Hallelujah!! When you're big, most things get blamed on your weight and honestly,  most of the time rightly so. This extra weight really does cause a whole lot of trouble. I'm feeling lucky that my blood work came back pretty clean. I've just got to work on getting my triglycerides down a bit. Other than that and the tiny twin parts in my foot, I'm getting there. I'm nervous about some possible exploratory surgery and how that will affect my exercising - just as I'm getting to really like the way I feel. My lifeguard friend at the Y told me he can tell that my range of motion and my strength is much better (he can tell all that from me climbing out of the pool, thank you very much). It's nice when others notice.

This week I'm working on eating less carbs, even more vegetables and less sugar. Luckily, the farmers markets have started here locally on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are a lot of options. I love summer food! But then, I love Fall, Winter, and Spring food too. Sigh.

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Failure According To Plan...

It's been a bit of a rough food week. I have definitely become a believer in the Failure To Plan = Plan To Fail mantra. My meal planning this week consisted of a daily 4pm scramble looking in the fridge and freezer to see what was available. Not a good way to lose weight (unless you just skip the meal!). We ended up going out to eat 3 times this week and only one of them was a healthy meal. I can say that I feel sluggish and heavy right now - like lifting my limbs is extraordinarily hard. Although that just may have something to do with this warm day and the second helping of Strawberry Mango Cobbler after dinner. But I'll bet you those french fries last night didn't help.

This Failure to Plan thing seems to ooze into other areas of my life. As most of you know, today is Mothers' Day. I started thinking about Mothers' Day months ago and thought I had a good plan. But then I didn't talk to my siblings about it according to said plan. Then it was too late to talk to my siblings, so I planned on having Lobster take a family picture, get it "developed" and send it to all the mothers in our lives (we seem to have a lot, lucky us!). Well, somehow it got to be Thursday (the last day I could mail something to have it there by the BIG day) and we still hadn't taken the photo. Boys 1 and 2 were grimy and non-cooperative (big surprise), Lobster was tired and grumpy after work and I was too tired to push it. My Failure To Plan had once again led to just plain and simple failure. For those who know me best, you are probably not surprised. I am known in my family for being postally challenged.

Today, we did get a nice shot of our little family. Email managed to help save face a little bit and my Facebook limerick to my mom got a laugh when she spoke in church this morning. 
Thank goodness for little boys to sit in front of mom's tummy! But there is definitely nothing like a photo of yourself to get you back on track. Unfortunately, I seem to have to get "back on track" a lot. 

Sitting down to plan seems to be my problem. But, for heaven's sake! When is everything supposed to happen? I know a mother's work is never done, but we cook, we clean, we (are supposed to) exercise/take care of ourselves, volunteer at church/in our community, spend time with our children and teach them their ABC's, maintain a loving relationship with our spouse, manage the business end of a family, get a solid 8 hours of sleep, etc., etc...... And some mothers throw gainful employment into that crazy mix.

As you can probably tell, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I don't want to fail anymore. Creating a plan and sticking to it is the key. Please share what helps you. And for all you mothers out there - Happy Day to you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

CONTROL - Janet Jackson has it, why can't I?

I had kind of a "DOH!" moment today while talking with Boy 1. He had just called his brother a name which started a kicking fight and since Boy 1's legs are oh, maybe TWICE as long as Boy 2's, let's just say that Boy 1 was the "winner". We were talking about how our home feels when we are yelling and fighting and he said, "It's HIS fault!" I then went into my tiradelecture explanation (just imagine his glazed over look here) about how we each make choices and it was HIS choice to call names and to kick. Boy 2 made his own choices and I'll talk to him too, but learning to make better choices can make our home a happier place and (DARN IT!) he needs to find a way to control himself and think about what he does before doing it.
Lumber has a million uses


I almost had an out-of-body experience listening to myself be all high and mighty. Look in the mirror, sister! It's not just a Janet Jackson song. This is real life. You haven't got that control thing all worked out yet!

Becoming a parent really showed me how much of a control freak I really am. But for someone who apparently likes to have all the say, my control isn't even close to perfect. When it comes to controlling my body and it's appetites, I am not always the commander of this ship. I talk a good talk to my boys when it comes to their lack of control. But, today was a good reminder that control is something I think we all are working on. Boy 1 needs to control his impulses. I need to control my appetite. Others need to control their anger, or their time management skills or their spending.

Showing a little compassion and patience (something else I'm having to work on) with my boys when they lose control will hopefully come a little more quickly and easily. My job is to help them learn it, not give a lecture about their lack. And really, if I expect you all to be patient with me while I find my control, I'd better be nicer to my loved ones while I help them to find theirs.

On another note, I have changed my settings for making comments. Everyone should be able to make comments now, not just those that have a account to do so. I love to hear your thoughts on these posts. Please comment away!

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