Sunday, May 13, 2012

Failure According To Plan...

It's been a bit of a rough food week. I have definitely become a believer in the Failure To Plan = Plan To Fail mantra. My meal planning this week consisted of a daily 4pm scramble looking in the fridge and freezer to see what was available. Not a good way to lose weight (unless you just skip the meal!). We ended up going out to eat 3 times this week and only one of them was a healthy meal. I can say that I feel sluggish and heavy right now - like lifting my limbs is extraordinarily hard. Although that just may have something to do with this warm day and the second helping of Strawberry Mango Cobbler after dinner. But I'll bet you those french fries last night didn't help.

This Failure to Plan thing seems to ooze into other areas of my life. As most of you know, today is Mothers' Day. I started thinking about Mothers' Day months ago and thought I had a good plan. But then I didn't talk to my siblings about it according to said plan. Then it was too late to talk to my siblings, so I planned on having Lobster take a family picture, get it "developed" and send it to all the mothers in our lives (we seem to have a lot, lucky us!). Well, somehow it got to be Thursday (the last day I could mail something to have it there by the BIG day) and we still hadn't taken the photo. Boys 1 and 2 were grimy and non-cooperative (big surprise), Lobster was tired and grumpy after work and I was too tired to push it. My Failure To Plan had once again led to just plain and simple failure. For those who know me best, you are probably not surprised. I am known in my family for being postally challenged.

Today, we did get a nice shot of our little family. Email managed to help save face a little bit and my Facebook limerick to my mom got a laugh when she spoke in church this morning. 
Thank goodness for little boys to sit in front of mom's tummy! But there is definitely nothing like a photo of yourself to get you back on track. Unfortunately, I seem to have to get "back on track" a lot. 

Sitting down to plan seems to be my problem. But, for heaven's sake! When is everything supposed to happen? I know a mother's work is never done, but we cook, we clean, we (are supposed to) exercise/take care of ourselves, volunteer at church/in our community, spend time with our children and teach them their ABC's, maintain a loving relationship with our spouse, manage the business end of a family, get a solid 8 hours of sleep, etc., etc...... And some mothers throw gainful employment into that crazy mix.

As you can probably tell, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I don't want to fail anymore. Creating a plan and sticking to it is the key. Please share what helps you. And for all you mothers out there - Happy Day to you!


  1. Employ a personal trainer who kindly pushes you to the limit three times a week.

  2. Making a weekly menu really helps me. Writing it down and posting it for the family to see. I've been thinking of doing it for lunch, too, since I often forget to eat that meal. I've found it really helps to have the menu when making the grocery list, and that way we don't buy extra stuff. Less temptation and less money!