Sunday, September 22, 2013

Smile on My Face

I have rocked myself a bit out of this rut in which I've been stuck! I'm afraid to celebrate too much because it's so easy to fall back in those cursed grooves. I love seeing the scale lower than has been in a long time.

I can partly attribute my 3 pound weight loss this week to a tight budget. There was no eating out, no extra treats. I'm going to have to keep it this tight from now on. ;)  I focused on my water intake and I added in some exercise. 

I had planned on going to a low-impact aerobics class at the Y, but I chickened out. I found that my cable provider has exercise "classes" on demand for no extra cost. I've been doing a walking workout in my living room. I tried a Sweat Sexy workout, but somehow, my moves did not look like the women on the screen, and they were definitely not sexy. It was, however, sweaty. So, I'm halfway there.

Our Primary children did a presentation in front of the congregation at church today. The kids all did such a wonderful job. Each child spoke about something they've learned this year and sang songs. I was so proud. I was especially proud of Boy 1, who has never before been able to say his part in front of the crowd. While he hid behind the podium, he said his lines clearly. It was kind of funny to see people in the congregation look around to see who was speaking. I was so happy and proud! I had tears rolling down my face and I almost forgot I was supposed to lead the next song. This was a big step for my anxious boy. Boy 2 did a great job, as well. They earned a trip to a local pizza place that also has video games and such. Proud Mama day.

I'm keeping it short and sweet. I'm a tired puppy.

Make it a great week!


  1. So glad C did his part. Last week when I was sitting with him, I asked him to tell me his part since I wouldn't be able to see the program. He happily recited his part with a big smile on his face. It made my day.

  2. Awesome! Great job music lady! What an accomplishment for your little guy... who isn't all that little anymore.

    1. Hey! You never told me you had a blog! Can I add you to my "What I'm Reading" list? I've missed you. And, no, he's not so little anymore. :/

  3. I was really proud of him! He did a great job (and since I'd seen him crouching in line, I had an idea what the plan was.)

  4. Sure you can add it. I don't really blog that's probably why I never mentioned it. I was going to do more and vent/tell humorous stories about aging but gramps has moved out. So yeah.