Monday, January 21, 2013

Mirror Mirror

Around noon yesterday, I left my house and drove to a hotel. I wasn't angry. In fact, I was a bit giddy. Lobster had used some of his hotel points and booked me a suite so I could have some alone time.

A few years back, Lobster was travelling 2 weeks out of every month. He was racking up some serious points, and would use them to send me away for the weekend just about once a quarter. He's not travelling as much lately and so my weekend "Amy time" has also happened less frequently. It's totally worth having him home, though. 

Lobster has a few trips coming up in the next month or two. I love that he thinks of me and recognizes that a little time away helps me to be a better wife and mama.

The boys used to get upset when I would leave. They didn't like their routine to be up-ended. But now that they are a little older, they get that it's not such a bad thing. When Mom starts getting that wild look in her eyes, and her voice gets a little too loud a little too often, they'll probably start suggesting it.  And bonus  -  Dad lets them have a lot more XBox time than I.

Anyway, this suite had full-length mirrors on the closet doors. There was a large mirror behind the vanity. If I went anywhere near the bathroom, I could not escape myself in these mirrors.

At home, the only mirrors we have are above our sinks and they only let us see from the shoulders up. We have a couple of large mirrors in the garage that we've been meaning to have cut down to use in our bedroom, but haven't as of yet.

I've decided that mirrors are scary. It's like driving past a train wreck or a car accident. You know you don't want to see the carnage, but somehow, you can't look away.

I've also decided that I must get a full-length mirror in my house somewhere.

I think a full-length mirror is one of the best motivators for losing weight. I don't know about others out there, but I have deluded myself for a long time. I know the number on the scale. I know how big my clothes are. But I don't look at myself. In my mind, I am not as big as reality showed me last night and again this morning.

Reality is not pretty. I cringe especially when I think about those that see me in my swim suit at the YMCA. But, at least I'm there. I'm working on it. 

Get a full-length mirror. 
Stand in front of it, naked. 
Jump. Yes, really.
Examine how you feel about what you just witnessed. Cry if you need to. Then get busy.

Weight loss/gain: unknown - was not near my scale this morning.
Last week's exercise: 2 days water fitness (50 minutes ea.)
                                      2 days Silver & Fit (45 minutes ea.)
Tracking food: 0 of 7 days  Womp womp... 
Food plan: Healthfulness - thumbs up! (lots of veggies & lean protein - but also, leftover pizza & cake)
                    Portion sizes - thumbs down! (portions too big, second helpings)


  1. I'm so glad you got some time to yourself... you deserve it after having been on "dual cake duty" last week! And, way to go with the exercise!

    1. Thanks, Angie, it was so nice! I snuggled in the cozy bed reading and watching old episodes of Ally McBeal on my Kindle Fire. It was so quiet and no one needed anything.

  2. Mirrors are harsh, aren't they? It was so hard to step in front of our full length mirror right after Vivian was born. Seeing all the extra poundage is just such a reality check, one that clothes can somehow mask, but a mirror, well, rose colored glasses they are not. It is a great motivator--and sadly I think for me, sometimes makes me too critical. Remember that you're loved regardless though, Amy! Don't let it change your eternal perspective of your worth!

    1. Thank you, Kari. I will sure try. Reality checks are necessary and helpful, though, aren't they? Ugh.