Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

So, it's Spring Break. 

Woo to the Hoo! (Sorry - I know I can't quite pull that off.)

Normally, an extended break off from school scares me a little. Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with my boys. They are a lot of fun, and I love loosening up the schedule.  But keeping them from getting bored in ways that we can all live with (including the bank account) can be stressful. The boys don't have their regular routine and school responsibilities, but I still have all of mine, but with no "alone" time to get the stuff done that is easier completed boy free.

Another thing about loosening the schedule is that I let it get too loose sometimes. As in, no workouts for mom and meal planning flies out the window. I'm too easily talked into going out for lunch - "Hey, come on! It's Spring Break!"

I do have a plan for this week. I shopped and everything - on my last boy free afternoon - and I'm set for meals. I'll be the kill-joy and feel perfectly fine about it. We are headed to the beach this week for a couple of days and we will eat out then, but shhhhh! I kind of like being the meany, sometimes. I'm usually being told that I'm the meanest mom ever. I might as well live up to it. As if feeding my kids a healthy lunch here at home is torture. Well, I guess torture is in the eye of the torturee.

 I love the beach. I should be excited about walking around with my family looking for shells and interesting rocks, or playing catch with them, or flying kites. But, really, you know what I'm really looking forward to? I love to just sit in my chair and listen to the waves crashing on the sand. I may read a little, or close my eyes in between making sure my boys don't get swept off to sea. Or, if the weather takes a sad turn from the good forecast, I may just be looking at it through an open window from our hotel room.

We also get to work on an assignment that Boy 1 didn't finish before the break. An architect has been visiting his class periodically and instructing them on blueprints, and models and such. Boy 1 needs to write a letter to the client - me and Lobster - and make up some blueprints for the house he is "building" for us. Apparently, it has 15 halls. I'm not quite sure how that's going to work on paper, but we get to find out. If I thought the paper on sharks was fun, this should be a total blast. I have an idea that it's all Karma. I remember, back in the sixth grade, a certain report on pandas that got started the night before and completed in the early hours of the day it was due. 

Combine that with my almost not graduating from high school because of uncompleted homework in my math class (yes, I really left a math credit for my senior year. Yes, I know that's not smart), and I'm pretty sure my mom will think I totally deserve this kid's planning skills.

We are going to see The Croods tomorrow. I've heard it's good. It seems, though, what my boys are looking forward to the most is the popcorn and candy - because we never have that (Ha!). There was quite the discussion on what they were going to choose - much more than any curiosity about the movie. 

Random Thoughts
1. I found my favorite nail clippers yesterday. They are sharp and they clip like buttah and I love them. I'm so relieved. I've thought about them at least once per day in the 2 weeks they were missing.

2. I have a lot of stuff that needs to go to Goodwill. It's taking up valuable space in my small house. I'm not sure why I don't just load it up and get rid of it. It bugs me that it doesn't bug me more.

3. I've been in a bit of a reading slump, lately. But in the last week, I've read 2 books and am in the middle of a third. It's weird how that goes. I am afraid to enter reviews on Goodreads because I don't want to sound un-smart to my educated friends.

4. I am literally a cry-baby. Anything touches my emotions, and I'm crying. I cry about stuff on TV all the time. I cried at a funeral of a person I didn't even know. I cry when the doctor asks me how I'm doing at an appointment. But today, when I try to make myself cry while the kiddos are singing at church to show them how much I love it, my eyes are as dry as dry. I can't catch a break.

Weight gain/loss: +0.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 26.2 lbs
Exercise: 1 28 min Kinect Zumba Rush. Yep - too loosey goosey with the schedule
Food: Good veggie intake AFTER my shopping trip mid-week. Meh.
Tracking: 3 of 7 days
Hydration: Okayish


  1. mmmmm......the beach sounds fun.....enjoy
    catch a ray or two for me
    keep smiling you are doing good

    1. Fingers crossed- we're hoping the sun will be out tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll be prepared for anything, though. Love you!

  2. Do you like to cry? I hate it. I don't even like watching sad movies because I might cry...even if I'm alone. I think I have a problem. Especially because it's so easy for me to cry. Want me to swing by and pick up your Goodwill stuff for you?

    1. I wouldn't say I like to cry, but I don't mind it, most of the time. I guess I've gotten used to it. I do hate it when I cry at the doctor or at the school - anytime I need to sound credible and sane. :/ Let's sit down somewhere and talk about it. ;) (I apologize for my over-use of emoticons)

      Thanks, Sis, but Goodwill is on my list today. Love you. :)

  3. I've never been able to cry when stopped by police. I've wished that I could, but I'm irritatingly calm in that situation!