Monday, May 6, 2013

Last week

I have felt really good this past week. I logged (in My Fitness Pal) just about every single thing that got in mah belleh. And all days but one, I stayed below my calorie goal. I missed tracking Saturday and I usually don't track n Sunday. I don't give myself a free pass on Sundays. I just take a break from tracking.

It is the day of rest, after all. ;)

Saturday night, we had some people over and I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking after Boy 2's soccer game. Those little Kindergartners are so cute chasing that ball all over the field.

My feet are so sore and swollen today. As I'm sitting here my left foot is just pulsing and cramping up. Being on my feet so much yesterday and then today at church was too much for my tootsies. Combine that with not enough water and too much sodium and my feet are a sight. I'll spare you.

I gained 3 pounds this week. I think I can partly blame the Great Harvest pizza bread I bought on Thursday. I bought it thinking my family would love it with the spaghetti we were having for dinner. My guys love bread.  Hey, I love bread. Especially that soft, chewy, crusty bread. We don't have it so often anymore because it's one of the (many) things I can't keep my hands off. Any way, Great Harvest makes a pizza bread with herbs and hunks of pepperoni and cheese throughout. It's delicious, by the way.

Well, the boys - including Lobster - didn't like it.

While I tracked each piece I ate, I ate way too much of that bread. I just couldn't see wasting a loaf of bread that cost $10. After the fact, I feel silly to have wasted so many calories on $10.

Although the bread gave me some trouble, and although I gained this week, I'm feeling strangely positive.  It's not a race and I just need to take it one day at a time.

It's been warm lately. The sunshine is great - a nice little preview of summer. I'm afraid to get too attached. It's supposed to last through this week, at least. My peas are over a foot tall, now. I can't wait to eat them. 

It's almost time to plant my warm season veggies. We'd better get those raised beds built. I'm all about the tomatoes. And zucchini. Oh, and cucumbers. I love me some cucumbers straight out of the garden.

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