Sunday, June 2, 2013

Challenge Extended...

So, yesterday was the first of June. Did everyone start on the Back To Her Roots Super Summer Mind & Body challenge? Yeah, me either. 

Just kidding!! I totally did. I didn't get a lot of points yesterday, but that's what happens when you stay in the house all afternoon after your 6-year-old's soccer game trying to keep 2 boys from hurting each other. I'm telling you, those Bickerson brothers totally need an attitude adjustment. And I'm just the Mama to do it. 

Actually, I'm at my wit's end (as little wit as there may be) about it. This next week is the last full week of school here in Oregon, and I'm scared out of my mind a little concerned about how the summer is going to go. My best idea, so far, is to send one boy each to grandparents on either end of the country. Maybe distance would make their little hearts grow fonder. Yeah, I know. It's a work in progress.

Anyway, I have set my personal mind and body goal points and I'm excited to get to work! I decided that a mid-point reward (at 5,000 points) will be an adult-only weekend away with my Lobster - probably at the coast.

That's what I call motivation. ;)

I've had a hard time deciding on a 10,000 point reward. I'm trying to think of something not too expensive, but motivating. I'd be happy to receive some suggestions.

So, I was hoping to be just a little bit professional and scan these documents to use, but my super-awesome computer skills (major eye-roll) don't include how to make the scanner speak to my laptop. Apparently, it's not the same as my lap top telling the same machine to print. The scanner has always been kind of stuck-up, though. Oh well. You get pictures of them. I can do that.

These are my point reference sheets for both mind and body goals. When I complete something on these lists, I keep track of the points on another sheet. These free printables are available on the blog, Back To Her Roots, if you click here. She also created some completely blank point sheets so you can totally customize your point values.

Let me know if you do this challenge. I'll be talking about my progress periodically. It would be fun to help motivate each other.

It's going to be a busy week trying to get things done before school is out. 

Random thought: When ever I think about the challenge, or say "challenge" it makes me think about an episode of Friends. Please enjoy this clip. I love the way Ross says, "Challenge extended." It cracks me up. Every time.
Challenge accepted. Ha! Have a great week. Get to work!

FOOD: Much better watching sugar & sodium. Much better results, too!
FOOD TRACKING: Great! 5 days + 1 partial day out of 7
EXERCISE: 1 - 30 minute Zumba workout and 1 full morning of yard work.
HYDRATION: Not as much as I need. :/

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  1. I love this program. A weekend at the coast sounds awesome. We do send Roland away a couple weeks each summer. It helps~!