Sunday, July 15, 2012


There are days when I feel light. No matter my size or weight, I feel light and strong and pretty and able to do just about anything. 

This is not one of those days.

In fact, I feel just the opposite. I can feel every single one of my pounds and one or two of them (especially the one I gained this week), I feel twice. My limbs feel heavy and hard to move. Even my head feels thick and slow. Now, months ago, I would have thought it was just a bad day, but I know what I've been up to.  And it doesn't rhyme with lurking trout.  And it definitely doesn't rhyme with fleeting fright. The way I feel today reminds me of a quote I like.
"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."      -Ann Wigmore-
I have had a great time this past week, though. We had my family reunion, here in Oregon. I feel so lucky that my mom, all of my siblings and their spouses took the time (and spent the money!) to get here. Only four of my nieces and nephews (+ 1 niece-in-law and 3 kiddos) were missing (darn kids grow up and get their own lives - what's that about?). We stayed in 6 of the deluxe cabins at Fort Stevens State Park and although the mosquitoes were hungry and fearless, I think it's safe to say that we enjoyed each other's company. The cabins are fantastic! It's absolutely my way to camp - with beds, flushing toilets, showers, screens on the windows, and a fire pit outside. Hard core, I'm not.

So here's a run down of my week:
  • Worrying that I don't have enough food
  • Shopping for more food
  • Watching Lobster freak out about how much (food) needed to be in the car
  • Joking that the axle would break under all the weight and then reassuring boy #1 for the next THREE HOURS that the axle would not break
  • Massaging the neck of a driving Lobster that was more tense than any lobster should ever be
  • Showing boys #1 & 2 how to make a S'MOreo
  • Disappointing Lobster that I did not invent the S'MOreo and could not claim it on the internet as mine
  • Sitting by the campfire and telling a spooky story (I'm a gonna getcha and then I'm gonna eatcha!) three times and then laughing at my boys as they reenact it.
  • Watching a movie (yes, TVs and DVD players are in the cabins, too) with 2 boys too excited to go to sleep.
  • Sending off all my guys for a much anticipated bike ride
  • Dispensing first-aid to boy #2 after he crashed off his bike (10 minutes into said bike ride)
  • Trying to keep 3 guys busy and make dinner for 25 people at the same time (thank you, Susan!)
  • Greeting my family, letting them know where to go and realizing that the "welcome buckets" were not ready - DOH!
  • Drinking WAY too much diet soda
  • Eating WAY too much sugar and chips - mmmm....chips
  • Laughing with my family
  • Watching my boys run around with their cousins and loving every minute
  • Cringing as I hear my boys teach their younger cousins how to do a "butt-bomb"
  • Seeing my Utah and Arizona family brave the nippy Pacific ocean
  • Enjoying yummy food made/bought by my siblings - SO GOOD!
  • Sitting in a circle and playing with a candy "Tape Ball"  
  • Being proud of my family while they so willingly serve by picking up trash off the beach while on their vacation
  • Cleaning and packing up (a lot of extra food) and feeling sad to see my family drive off, one by one
  • Feeling incredibly lucky to be part of my family - LOVE THEM!
So, yes, I'm feeling the effects of eating too much sugar, too much soda and not enough vegetables. I will begin, again, my healthier eating habits tomorrow. I am also feeling the effects of being with the people I love most. Though, my limbs and head seem thick and heavy, my heart is full and happy. And that's what is most important.


  1. Amy,
    You make me smile and wished I was there at the reunion it sounded fun
    The quote is a great one....I'ts going on my wall :)
    keep smiling
    Eat your veggies
    loveya Maxine

    1. Thanks, Maxine. I was so sad to have missed the Hatch reunion. I've missed you guys! And I'm so on those veggies! Love you!