Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Are Family

I have a family reunion this next week and I am so excited. Well, excited with a shot of dread because I happen to be in charge this year. My siblings are either natural organizers or they hide it well. The previous years' reunions have seemed to have gone so smoothly and were so nice! I keep going over my lists and worrying if I've forgotten anything. I keep sending emails and updates and the Fort Stevens State Park office staff know me on a first name basis now - and probably not in a good way. I'm making all my siblings come to Oregon - a long trip from Utah and Arizona. I can't wait to share the beach and the cooler temperatures that the northwest coast offers. Although my fam from Arizona will probably freeze to death. I think the temps at the coast this week are about half of what they get this time of year. Maybe I should bring an extra quilt or two. Add it to the list!

Except for my lovely sister that lives here in Oregon, my family all lives in other states. One of the great things about living away from your family is that you're not with them enough to get on their nerves and they on yours. It sure makes for good reunions - because you are actually reuniting. Thinking and planning for this reunion has really made me think about my parents' family reunions growing up. They were such fun! Running around with my cousins, water fights, weenie (my boys think that word is HILARIOUS! They ask me to sing the Weenie Man song just about every day) and marshmallow roasts, homemade root beer, potluck lunches and lots of laughter. I want that for my kids, too. They are excited to see their cousins and "Me-maw" and to be camping and at the beach and fishing at the lake. So this year, it's my job to give that to them. They, and my sister's boys, are the youngest of the cousins, so the older kids will have to put up with little boys tagging along, wanting to do everything they do. I'm sure it will be annoying for them, but if that's not what family is for, what is?

I'm sure you've noticed that my "weight loss progress" is less than impressive this week. I'm going to blame it on the stress of getting ready for the reunion. It could be the pizza and other fast food I ate this weekend, AND the failure to track my meals the last half of the week, but I'm blaming it on the stress. When it gets hot, I SO don't want to cook. I'm needing some air conditioning - or a few days at the coast! Well, just my luck...

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite family reunion memories. Have a great week!

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  1. I, too, am excited for this reunion. You will do fine, and whatever we don't have, we can go get. Don't stress so. love you, Mom b.