Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Day in the Life of THE FAT LADY

I've had a weird food week. Food just hasn't sounded very good. Usually, that doesn't matter too much. I eat anyway. It's not a very permanent way to lose weight, and I may just gain it all right back, but I'll take it for now. I have my appointment with the nutritionist this week. I'm excited to talk to her and hopefully, get a plan in place.

Earlier this week, in another blog I read, I saw that there was a "link-up" and the topic was "A Day in the Life of..."  I followed a lot of the links and read about all kinds of ways that the bloggers spend their days. It was kind of fun. People were inviting me to peek at their lives. Hopefully, that doesn't make me sound too creepy. I decided to join the link up. So I wrote down my usual week day. It's not that interesting, but it's my life and except for the jiggly wiggly parts of me, I love it. Most of the time. Anyway, I chickened out. I didn't link up with the others. Maybe I didn't feel cool enough, maybe I wasn't ready for others to judge me. Who knows?  But, now, you get to read it anyway. Try not to fall asleep....

A Day in My Life...

Anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30am - wake up and have to pee (it's ridiculous that I can't sleep through the                                 night anymore. but then, I am getting to be middle aged). I worry that I'm peeing too loud and might wake the boys up. Yes, they sleep that lightly. I really need a master suite addition at the other end of the house. Hear that, Lobster? It's for the boys - all for the boys sleep, I tell ya! I go back to bed and promptly to sleep.

6:00am - Hear Lobster's alarm, pat him on the arm sympathetically and turn over and try to go back to sleep, hoping the boys will sleep a little longer.

6:15-6:45am - Wake up to a boy's face directly over mine, saying "MOM! What can I eat?" Tell Boy 1 to eat a banana and watch a show - and NOT to wake his brother. yeah right. 

Scare you? Yup - I know. Every - and I mean EVERY morning! Sometimes, though, he gives me a snuggle, too. I don't mind that so much. 

7:00 am - Kiss Lobster goodbye and tell him to "Go get em!" Start breakfast for the boys - of course, never quite soon enough.

7:30am - Check facebook, blog stats, other blogs, etc. while the boys eat. Eat my own breakfast.

8:00am - Turn TV off and "remind" the boys to get dressed about 50 times. Get dressed for the gym. Help Boys 1 & 2 with teeth, hair, etc.

8:30am - Herd the boys into the car, drop Boy 1 off at school and head to the Y. Park a block away and walk inside, drop Boy 2 at the Child Watch and, depending on the day, go to water aerobics (love!) or up to the family work out room for treadmill (hate!) and strength training.

10:15am - Pick up Boy 2, watch him bounce up the stairs like it's nothing and make my own climb with wobbly legs and walk back to car. Drive home.

10:30am - Set Boy 2 up with a snack and a TV show and jump (well, not so much jump as, well, you know what I mean) in the shower. Get ready for the day - which may or may not include makeup. I know, I know - I'll feel better with it on, but sometimes I just hate taking the time.

11:30am - Make lunch and eat with Boy 2, urging him along so we won't be late. Get him cleaned up and his backpack ready and out to the car. Telling him, "Let go of the garage door, it's not a ride!" and "Daddy's drill is not a toy." and "We don't spray tire cleaner on the floor!" and finally, (hallelujah!) "Get in your seat and buckle yourself up."

Don't let the cuteness fool you - he's trouble!

12:10pm - Drive to the school and drop Boy 2 off OUTSIDE. Yes, on the 2nd day of Kindergarten, he told me he didn't want me to walk him in. Half of me is sad that he's so grown up and independent. The other half is happy I don't have to get out of the car.

12:25pm - Home again. I have roughly two hours to GET STUFF DONE. Especially stuff I don't want to do with the boys. I crank the music, grocery shop, clean the house, talk to my mom on the phone, pay the bills, pray about what to do with these crazy boys, etc...

2:45pm - Leave (with the current book I'm reading) to get a good spot in line at the school. Read in a quiet car for 15 blissful minutes. Wait for the boys to come out, get them loaded up, hope a teacher doesn't need to talk to me, and drive home.

3:15pm - Fix the boys up with snacks, look through their backpacks, talk about all the amazing (or not) things that happened to them today, do homework, send them outside to play, get ready for any doctor appointment, soccer practice, cub scouts, etc. Luckily, we don't have any of those today. I just need to figure out what to make for dinner.

4:30pm - Start making dinner. Try to get boys to tidy up before Daddy gets home.

5:30pm - Lobster gets home. Time for dinner. Try, try, try to eat just one serving. Bribe boys to eat dinner with dessert - usually ice cream. Sigh, I know. How do you get your kids to eat dinner?

6:15pm - Finish up any homework, pack backpacks.

6:45pm - Start showers for boys and get them ready for bed.

7:00pm - Brush Boy 2's teeth, read books, sing songs (can I just say how much I hate the Wienie Song? I am probably going to have to take it out of the rotation), say prayers.

7:30pm - Boy 2 in bed. Boy 1 watches Top Gear or some other manly show with Dad.

8:00pm - Boy 1 brushes teeth, reads books, sing songs, say prayers - IN BED - then "remind" him to get back into bed for the next 30 minutes.

8:30pm - Clean up kitchen, do laundry, watch TV, write, read books. I stay up entirely too late relishing the quiet house - well, quiet except for Lobster snoring from the couch.

12:00am - Bed. For one who loves to sleep, I sure don't get enough. It's always a battle between solitude or sleep. Solitude usually trumps, but sleep always sneaks in a sucker punch. This last week, I have fallen asleep in the middle of reading, watching a movie, and watching TV. I even fell asleep for a couple of seconds while reading a book to the boys (nothing like an elbow in the side to wake you up). I guess I needed to catch up.

Well, there you go. Aren't you glad you stopped by today? Maybe we'll have to start our own link-up. Whatcha think?

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