Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Best Laid Plans, blah, blah, blah

I know you all are running to look at your calendars. What?!? Is it Sunday already? or  Do we really have to read more from her so soon?

 Well, yes. Yes, you do. 

I just had to tell you all about my crazy Tuesday.

Tuesday was my busiest day, this week.  I had it all planned out with just enough time between appointments - busy, but not crazy busy. You know what I mean? 

  • Drop off Boy 1 at school
  • Come home, shower and get ready for dietitian appointment (woo hoo!)
  • Drop Boy 2 at my sister's and go to appointment
  • Pick up Boy 2, feed him, and get him to school
  • Actually have an hour to, oh, maybe clean up breakfast dishes, or something :/ 
  • Pick up Boy 1 early from school for doctor appointment
  • Hurry to get Boy 2 from school - fingers crossed we're not too late
  • Drop off prescription at pharmacy
  • Feed boys snack and Help Boy 1 find his cub scout stuff
  • Take Boy 1 to cub scouts
  • Fix dinner
  • Bring Boy 1 home, picking up filled prescription on the way
  • EAT
  • Clean up
  • Get boys to bed
  • Collapse on the couch
That was the plan. Guess what dis-railed this finely-tuned-train? 


My boys got sick. Boy 1 was sick over the weekend and Boy 2 just in time to ruin my Tuesday's schedule. Poor kids - I hate colds - the runny noses, sore throat, achy body. I hate them and I hate them more when my kids have them. I feel bad that the boys don't feel good, of course. But colds in kids are just gross. They don't use tissues - they use their sleeves, hands, the couch, or the person sympathetically cuddling with them on the couch. Just gross.

I didn't want to miss my appointment with the dietitian. It took 3 weeks to get this appointment. I didn't want to have to wait another 3. But I also didn't want to get my nephews sick. So Grandma D saves the day. She seems to have an iron immune system. Thank you!

I feel good about the information I got from the dietitian. It wasn't anything I didn't already know, but a really good reminder about how important portion control is. I'll be writing more about my appointment soon.

I took Boy 2 to Boy 1's doctor appointment, which was crazy town, but it worked.

The rest of the day went relatively smoothly. The kids went to sleep. The day is done, right?


I live in a suburban neighborhood. I don't live in the woods. I don't have any acreage. I am surrounded by houses and yards with fences. I also, apparently, share the space with a skunk. And it doesn't like my dog.
Poor girl is exhausted after her ordeal

Yep. Our old girl, Sophie,  got herself skunked. She got skunked real good. And I'm not fast enough to catch a 12 year old dog (that can't run) trying to escape a mean, neighborhood bully skunk. She came where she knew she'd be safe - In my house. Our home was immediately filled with the scent of burnt rubber. I herded her back to our laundry room and got her in the shower and spent the next 30 minutes washing and rinsing. Breathing through my mouth did not help at all. The odor was so thick I could bite it. And taste it. 

In the mean time, Lobster gets out of bed to see what the ruckus was all about and finds  himself in the middle of a stench like no other. He immediately starts to gag and puke. Give him a flat tire, and he'll fix it. Give him trouble in the neighborhood and he takes care of it. Give him an emergency of the smelly variety, and he tosses his cookies.

At midnight, there are few choices for shopping. But Lobster went to find something to help. He arrived at a check stand in one local grocery store with about $50 worth of varying types of air fresheners. The cashier took one whiff,  a step back, and looked at the items in front of her and asked, "Skunk?"

He gets home (I'm still washing the dog) and starts emptying a container of the powder carpet deodorizer in our family room. In less than a minute, our floor looks like a cocaine factory - or what I imagine one would look like. He has 3 cans of air freshener in his two hands and is spinning around frantically, trying not to breathe, and stopping every few minutes to throw up. And then feels the need to come to the laundry room to make sure I know that he had vomited. Every. Single. Time.

We get Sophie clean enough and put her in the garage with her bed and try to figure out how to proceed. We decide that we need to get the boys out of here, so we share the smelly joy with Grandma and Grandpa D. Again - THANK YOU!

I stay home to air out the house. I set out bowls of white vinegar in every room, opened every window and finally fell asleep on the couch (after vacuuming up the inch of powder on the carpet) between 2:30 and 3am. I really appreciate all the suggestions given to me on facebook.

24 hours, an $80 dog "de-skunking", a $50 carpet cleaning, and lots of laundry later, our house is almost back to normal. And thank you to my friend that brought over dinner tonight. It was delicious!

 We get whiffs of skunk every so often, especially in the laundry room. I think we'll be doing a lot more laundry in the next few days.  Sophie is not allowed to go outside by herself, but she's only too happy to be inside with her family. She is exhausted. It was a long night and day for an old girl. The boys were tired from all the excitement as well. 

As am I - like I said, it was a long night and day for an old girl. Time for bed in my freshly washed sheets. 


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    1. It was, Edie. It was. We're still stinky. Thanks for leaving a comment! I miss you.