Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Amazing What You'll Find When You Look

It's amazing what you find when you upload pictures after a long time. Lobster is usually my personal photographer. He takes the photos and then "processes" them and then I do what I need to do - which  usually consists of loading them onto Facebook. He has his whole set-up that requires a whole big bag to go anywhere. Well, I have a little point-and-shoot camera that I use. I'm not what one would really describe as technologically savvy. I know enough to be able to get my email, send attachments, upload photos, etc.  So when I took some pictures of my flavored water experiment, I was really surprised to find a whole lot of photos that I didn't even know about. Apparently, Lobster used my little camera for a car show and our family reunion and promptly forgot about them. I'm going to share a few of my faves.

First of all, let me tell you about making flavored water. As you know, I've been trying (only partially successfully) to give up THE DIET COKE. I thought by making my water have fancy flavors it might help me drink more water. And, it does - but it does NOT make me want to drink less DIET COKE. Anyway, I first tried a blend of cucumber, lime, and mint. It was good, but the lime in the water made it a bit too bitter, so the next batch I mixed up I left out the lime and I'd just add a wedge in my glass and it was perfect! 

In one gallon of water, I washed and added 
  • one cucumber, sliced
  • 10-12 mint leaves, torn or chopped to release oils
Let sit in the fridge over night. Strain, serve over ice and add a wedge of lemon or lime. 
I have to say that it is very refreshing and definitely quenches a thirst!

In July, my family reunion was at Fort Stevens State Park on the northern Oregon coast and I had a lot of fun. Boys 1 & 2 did as well. Although it's a bit blurry (you try to get 2 crazy boys to stand still for a second!), I loved it best of all so I'm sharing it.
Oh, those boys crack me up when they're not ticking me off! Here's another goodie...
I love how Boy 1 is checking himself out. He's ripped! Oh, and isn't the cabin in the background fantastic!?! Loved it!
Here they are at the beach.
Boy 1 is worried about his pants getting wet - in fact, I finally suggested that he just take them off and play in his undies. Boy 2 just didn't care. And yes, it was July and only about 65 at the coast. 

I loved this.

And this...
The boys love fishing with their dad. It doesn't matter that they haven't caught anything yet.

And from the car show,
I think Boy 1 was told to "stand still."

Can you just hear the conversation?
"Oh, looky here."

"Wow! I wonder what this wire does!"

And, of course, the obligatory self-portrait

I'm glad to have ended the day this way. I'm having some very tender feelings about my little guys right now. After the day today has been, I needed that!

I didn't feel like I could put any other family members' pictures up without their permission. That's what Facebook is for.  ;)   

Thanks for indulging me. It was fun to share.

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