Sunday, November 25, 2012


Well, there I go again, getting cocky. I wasn't worried about Thanksgiving at all.

 And, I guess, to be fair, I did great on Thanksgiving. 

I thought that as long as I ate according to plan the rest of the week, I wasn't going to limit myself and I really couldn't do too much damage in one day.  I had a small taste of everything, including dessert. 

My favorite dishes were the cornbread stuffing with gravy on top (by the way, slathering your turkey with butter and chopped herbs makes for a tasty gravy!), and the sour cream apple pie.

But then, Friday morning, we had pie for breakfast. 


My boys were equally surprised. Pie for breakfast, Mom? Do people really do that? Really? Yes, really.

But, from there, it was a slippery slope to pie town and over-eatsville.

So, although I'm not thankful for my 3 and 1/2 pound gain this week, there are a lot of things for which I AM thankful. I was blog browsing and came across one that I like called, Back To Her Roots. Cassie had listed 100 things she was thankful for. 

I wondered if I could come up with 100 things to put on my list. It took me a couple of days, but I did! And you lucky people have get to read it.

  1. My Lobster - love you honey!
  2. Boy 1 
  3. Boy 2
  4. Adoption
  5. Our dog, Sophie
  6. Warm home
  7. My parents
  8. My siblings
  9. My extended family and in-laws
  10. Good friends
  11. Gospel of Jesus Christ
  12. Those fighting for my freedom
  13. School teachers that care about my kids
  14. Beautiful Oregon
  15. Enough and good food to eat
  16. Lobster's employment
  17. Prayer
  18. Clean water
  19. Adequate income that allows me to stay at home
  20. Books
  21. Trees and plants
  22. Electricity
  23. Flushing toilets
  24. Trashy TV
  25. Good movies
  26. Our large back yard
  27. The Internet
  28. Computers
  29. Freedom  of choice
  30. Diet Coke
  31. Thanksgiving leftovers
  32. The temple
  33. Music
  34. My bed
  35. Sunshine
  36. Naps
  37. Automatic dishwashers
  38. Automatic clothes-washing machine
  39. Wood burning fireplace
  40. Cozy quilts
  41. Non-stick cookware
  42. Make-up
  43. Cars
  44. Hot water
  45. Garlic
  46. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  47. Chapstick
  48. Quiet time
  49. Vegetables
  50. Magic Erasers
  51. Good neighbors
  52. Fruit
  53. Clean air
  54. Scriptures
  55. Hugs
  56. Kissing
  57. Facebook
  58. Rain
  59. Bedtime
  60. Window screens
  61. Body powder
  62. Pain medication
  63. Health insurance
  64. The library
  65. Rocks
  66. Scentsy - Coconut Lemongrass
  67. Bamboo wooden spoons
  68. Covered patio
  69. Thick, rich lotion
  70. Holding hands
  71. Toilet paper
  72. Garage
  73. Salsa
  74. YMCA
  75. You - the few that read my ramblings
  76. Sharp pencils
  77. My church family
  78. Good smelling soap
  79. The beach
  80. Snow in the mountains - away from where I am
  81. Christmas decorations
  82. Back scratchers - especially the human variety
  83. Doctors
  84. Slippers
  85. Heavy glassware
  86. Cheese
  87. Organized cabinets
  88. Glad Press'N Seal
  89. Ice cubes
  90. Hair dissolving drain cleaner
  91. Vinegar
  92. Toothpicks
  93. Paint
  94. Schwans home delivery
  95. Night-time cold medicine
  96. Weed killer
  97. Laughter
  98. Drive-thru pharmacies
  99. Laundry stain remover
  100. Handyman services

What are you thankful for?

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