Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Travelling with kids is always fun. I'm not really talking about fun fun. I'm talking about the kind of fun spoken of in sarcastic tones and a lot of eye-rolling.

You know..........fun. 13 hours in a car that, while normally seems quite spacious, all of a sudden is much, much too small.

At one point, Boys 1 and 2 were fighting. They were tattling. They were tattling about fighting and then fighting over tattling.  And I had had enough.

I started singing about kindness, and Jesus. I sang about Jesus wanting us to be kind. When they started complaining, I sang louder, and louder, still. I think the cars next to us on the freeway could hear my song,  I was singing so loud. Lobster soon asked me to, "Please for the love of everything holy, just STOP!"  OK, he really just said, "Please stop." But his voice sounded much more like the former.

Just for the record, and in my defense, it was quiet for a few minutes after that.

I've sung to them before. I threaten to sing when they fight. This singing is not like when I sing their songs at bedtime - which they love, by the way. This singing is a weapon. I may have a smile on my face while I do it, but it is sharp and harsh. One might wonder if I stand on the edge of sanity, when I sing like this.

I found out that my singing, as a weapon,  is not my original, bright idea. This morning, after my sweet, sweet boys started fighting, my own sweet, sweet mother started singing, "I want to be kind to everyone..."

Yep. We have fun on our vacation.

So, we're on a short vacation. But not from my plans. My mom asked what kind of food I wanted her to get, and I just said, "Lots of vegetables." And she delivered. She even had two tomatoes and a cucumber in her garden that she saved just for me. She's pretty great.

EXERCISE: Womp, womp. Sad face
FOOD: Great week until weekend. Food left over from 4th and stress were not a great combo.
FOOD TRACKING: Great - 5 full, and 1 partial day of 7
HYDRATION: Really good


  1. I just want to know what the young men traveling with you thought about the singing woman in the front seat. :)

    1. Luckily, there was just one, and while he may have been crying on the inside, he was laughing, outwardly. I'll ask Kim if he said anything. I lose my cool. I have lost it twice today already. Sigh.